Volumio network disappears after I join wifi


I am just trying to use Volumio to play spotify on my system and am having quite a bit of difficulty. I spent 4 hours last night troubleshooting.

  1. I flash the SD card
  2. Connect to the volumio network
  3. Enter all the details on the setup wizard
  4. After completed and poking around a little in the other settings I get kicked off the volumio network and back onto my wifi network.
  5. I can no longer find the volumio network after this.
  6. I flash the SD card again and repeat steps 1-4 and it happens all over again. ( I have done this 5 times now)

I am wondering if it is A) my network settings need to be adjusted B) I am never actually connected to the wifi network as I can never download the spotify plugin C) I have faulty hardware

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Volumio Information

Volumio Version: v<2.917>
Hardware: Raspberry Pi 4 8GB
DAC: HiFi Berry DAC2 HD

I think it is working as designed. You are supposed to use the Volumio network just to help you connect and get set up. After that you use your normal network, which all your other devices are on to use Volumio.

Thanks Backenst. I just figured it out. I am super duper dumb and just wasted so much time. It’s great now. Just slightly laggy with the volume controls and switching songs.

Excellent, think of this as a hobby. It’s never perfect, but you are always learning ways to make it better and the Volumio people are constantly updating it so it continues to get easier and better.