Volumio Multi-Room Capabilities

I’m new to Volumio and my attraction to the project was to build a system that can stream concurrently to multiple locations in my home. I have successfully installed Volumio on my 1st RPI 4 device (using usb DAC). I purchased the mid-level license plan (VIRTUOSO) which I understood would support up to 6 devices. I’ve been able to get Qobuz and Pandora working along with playing music from the micro sd card and external USB drive. Now I want to add 2 - 3 additional streamers. Here’s what I need help understanding:

  • Does Volumio really facilitate concurrent multi-room streaming?
  • If so, does the 1st device function as the MASTER for subsequent streamers?
  • Will the MASTER or 1st device automatically recognize my additional streamers (Windows / Linux)?
  • Is there any special configuration for the additional streamers?
  • Do the subsequent streamers access music from the “MASTER” (USB drive & micro sd card)?
  • WIll I have to configure Pandora and Qobuz for each streamer?
  • Are there any other pieces to the puzzle required that don’t come with Volumio?

I also downloaded the Audioward Andriod app and it works as advertised. However, I couldn’t play the music on the device with the app. Should I be able to? Is there a “Volumio” app and how do I (or can I) play music on the phone or tablet with the app?

I want to implement a multi-room streaming system and need to know if Volumio can be used to get it done! I have read many discussions and explanations but none seem to answer the fundamental questions posed in this message. I simply need succinct answers that will help set realistic expectations on what to expect from Volumio. I have a technical background so using appropriate tech terms and jargon is not a problem. I appreciate any advice.