Volumio / MQA / Pro-ject pre box s2 digital

Hello everyone ,

I was wondering if it is possible to use a Volumio instead of a desktop pc to play mqa files and let the Pro-ject pre-box S2 (connected by usb) do the mqa unfolding.
Right now i’m using a desktop pc connected by usb to the pro-ject S2 to play MQA files.
Does anyone knows if this is possible or already uses this set-up ?

A desktop PC is hardware, Volumio is an operating system so you’re kinda comparing apples to oranges.

Yes Volumio can play MQA to a DAC.

@ gloomytunes : you’re right , I meant the Volumio Primo.
I bought the Pro-ject Stream Box S2 which also uses the Volumio software and it’s passing trough the MQA signal.