Volumio mostly works great, but can't get it to properly read music from an external USB

Volumio works better than other similar software for Spotify connect, DLNA streaming and web radio, at least on my old RPI2. But I can’t seem to be able to get it to scan my music library from an external USB.

It only sees a handful of folders on the drive and after some reboots it seems to see other folders at random, but never all of them. I’ve tried this on two different external USB drives and I’ve tried - as suggested in another topic here - to change permissions in Windows to allow “full control” for all users, but no luck. However, when I ssh into the device all my music appears normally under mnt/USB/.

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 2.907
Hardware: Raspberry Pi 2
DAC: Hifiberry DAC Pro +´

usb drives must be external powered to work with volumio the rpi cant power real drives.
and usb you have to scan or update in settings >> sources before you can see them.

I would expect the RPI to be able to power a single external drive with a 3A power supply. I am using a DAC and a WiFi dongle but I’d still think 3A should be plenty.

It should be, USB specification is pretty strict about the current limits for USB powered periephal devices.

I do have my pi powering 2TB drive via USB and dac hat with no issues.(3A supply for pi)

Did you go to source settings and rescan the music library?

Now suddenly the whole library showed up. I didn’t do anything so it must just have taken a lot of time to scan.

Power issues can be present on an on/off basis, apparently depending on the processor load of the Pi. Pi4 are particularly sensitive to power supply issues. I experienced many problems with a Pi4 and a non-powered USB storage device, even when a 3A power supply was used. When the USB device got its own PS the issues were solved.