Volumio logo decal

Has anyone sourced a good quality decal of the Volumio logo for the raspberry pi 7” screen in the smarticase, maybe replacing the black strip it comes with to cover camera area, would be great to have a Volumio logo there?

Have you looked here?

Yes, I was hoping someone was printing these out?

Found a good source to make 6 proto types , 3 silver on black background and 4 black on silver background

See attachment for size. These are more like a badge on not a sticker.

6 was the minimum order so once I get them in I will post pictures and willing to resell the extra 4 at my cost plus shipping. Approx 12 USD each plus shipping

The emblems finally came in, I’m keeping one silver and one black, and will sell the other 4 , 2 in silver and 2 in black, 12.00 each which will include standard shipping in the US.

It’s applied to the lower right corner of this 7” pi case.

If any interested please PM.

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