Volumio, Logitech Media Server and Squeezelite


I am running the current version of Volumio (2.692) on a Raspberry Pi 4. Everything works great but for some reason I am unable to get the Squeezelite and Logitech Media Server plugins to install properly. According to the web UI everything goes smoothly, but LMS doesn’t see the Squeezelite player at all.

After trying all sorts of things I ended up flashing a new copy of Volumio to an SD card, installed the LMS plugin but instead of using the Squeezelite plugin I downloaded the most recent version available on Sourceforge. I installed it and ran it as a service, which seemed to work because LMS could finally see the player. The problem is that for some reason I am unable to get music to play.

My next experiment was to repeat the operation (fresh install of Volumio, most recent Squeezelite) but instead of installing the LMS plugin I also obtained the most recent Debian package I could find. This actually worked, and I’m actually able to play music. The problem now is that when I reboot the system I am unable to reach the LMS web UI even though from the console I can clearly see that LMS is up and running. Every time I reinstall the LMS Debian package everything works again, but obviously I would like for it to work normally when I turn the system on.
As far as I can tell LMS is actually starting when Volumio boots up. I just can’t get the web interface to show up unless I rerun the installer…

Any suggestions?

Thanks everyone!