volumio log "error: error"

Running the latest volumio, the volumio.log file is being inundated what seems to be an incomplete error message (sample below):

[code]2018-12-05T16:56:34.136Z - error: error
2018-12-05T16:56:34.329Z - error: error
2018-12-05T16:57:22.683Z - error: error
2018-12-05T16:57:22.731Z - error: error
2018-12-05T16:57:22.732Z - error: error
2018-12-05T16:57:22.887Z - error: error
2018-12-05T16:57:23.930Z - error: error
2018-12-05T16:57:23.973Z - error: error
2018-12-05T16:57:25.552Z - error: error
2018-12-05T16:57:25.651Z - error: error

Journalctl shows them as, for example:
Dec 05 17:20:42 plum volumio[925]: error: error

Process 925 is the main volumio thread.

Volumio seems to be functioning properly playing audio through the rpi’s hdmi connection. This rpi has ssh and samba enabled and running. As I plan on leaving this installation on all the time, I’d like to get rid of this noise(?) that could potentiall fill up the SD card. Any ideas?

We might have more of an idea if you could send the entire log volumio.github.io/docs/User_Man … oting.html

We’ve optimized Volumio to not impact on SD Card life as much as possible. Logs are not stored on SD Cards but they are stored on RAM :wink:


I’ve uploaded a recent log which contains the errors. See: logs.volumio.org/volumio/jUFAHGn.html

TIA for your help

So I still have no explanation of the source of these message or of their significance. Anyone else see them or is this some glitch in my (pretty standard) configuration?
Any ideas?


I’m seeing them too.

root@volumio:/var/log# grep "error: error" volumio.log 2019-02-06T21:49:54.183Z - error: error {lots of the same snipped from here} 2019-02-09T11:39:14.592Z - error: error

Nothing useful seems to surround these errors

[size=85]2019-02-09T11:27:33.272Z - info: CorePlayQueue::getTrack 17 2019-02-09T11:27:33.277Z - info: STATE SERVICE {"status":"stop","position":null,"seek":null,"duration":null,"samplerate":null,"bitdepth":null,"channels":null,"random":false,"updatedb":false,"repeat":false,"isStreaming":false,"title":null,"artist":null,"album":null,"uri":null} 2019-02-09T11:27:33.279Z - info: CURRENT POSITION 17 2019-02-09T11:27:33.280Z - info: CoreStateMachine::syncState stateService stop 2019-02-09T11:27:33.282Z - info: CoreStateMachine::syncState currentStatus play 2019-02-09T11:27:33.307Z - info: CURRENT POSITION 17 2019-02-09T11:27:33.312Z - info: CURRENT POSITION 18 2019-02-09T11:27:33.313Z - info: END OF QUEUE 2019-02-09T11:27:33.315Z - info: CoreStateMachine::pushEmptyState 2019-02-09T11:27:33.316Z - info: CoreCommandRouter::volumioPushState 2019-02-09T11:27:33.317Z - info: CoreCommandRouter::executeOnPlugin: volumiodiscovery , saveDeviceInfo 2019-02-09T11:27:33.645Z - info: CoreStateMachine::stPlaybackTimer 2019-02-09T11:27:33.742Z - info: ------------------------------ 669ms 2019-02-09T11:39:14.592Z - error: error 2019-02-09T11:44:31.802Z - info: CoreCommandRouter::volumioGetBrowseSources 2019-02-09T11:44:31.818Z - info: CoreCommandRouter::volumioGetState 2019-02-09T11:44:31.824Z - info: CoreStateMachine::getState 2019-02-09T11:44:31.826Z - info: CorePlayQueue::getTrack 0 2019-02-09T11:44:31.959Z - info: CoreCommandRouter::executeOnPlugin: appearance , getUiSettings 2019-02-09T11:44:32.151Z - info: CoreCommandRouter::executeOnPlugin: wizard , getShowWizard 2019-02-09T11:44:32.163Z - info: CoreCommandRouter::executeOnPlugin: system , getShowWizard 2019-02-09T11:44:32.458Z - info: CoreCommandRouter::executeOnPlugin: multiroom , getMultiroom 2019-02-09T11:44:32.569Z - info: Listing playlists[/size]

Dmesg is not reporting any hardware or Samba issues. This is an un-modified Volumio installation running on a v1 Raspberry Pi with a Dagonfly DAC.

I’ve tried changing the sd card, changing the Pi, changing the DAC, all to no effect.

I’ll try wireless next, probably.

I’m afraid it may be network related but, without diving in to the source code, this error is really very unhelpful. And I don’t have the energy to go debugging the source to find the source of the error right now. Maybe in future I will have the desire to do this, as I very much enjoy using Volumio apart from this bug.

When it happens, playback stops. Sometimes it resumes after 30s or some minutes. More often a reboot is needed.

I noticed that the UI woiuld report things like it had been playing e.g. a 3 minute track for 635 minutes or something (that’s if I just went away and left it). I don’t know if this is helpful information or not.

I’ve uploaded a log in the hope it might help



This error is totally harmless, don’t worry


Guess I need to keep searching for the reason playback is stopping!


same thing here, cant play, stream, uninstall plugins… GUI returns error on everything
someone found a solution?