volumio.local vs. ip-address

Hi all

I have raspberry Pi with a wifi dongle and usb-disk set up with volumio. I must admit: I like it quite a lot :smiley:

One little issue though: on some devices I can only ‘find’ the volumio with a direct ip-address, e.g.:; on other devices simply going to ‘volumio.local’ works just fine.

Going to volumio.local with windows phone and android fails (both with various browsers), going to volumio.local with ipad and linux mint works perfectly.

Connecting to the ip directly does work on all devices, but this can be a hassle because if it disconnects and reconnects the ip-address changes.

I thought this problem shouldn’t occur because it is all browser, no OS-dependant? What am I missing here?

Volumio on Raspberry works fine, except for ‘LSB loading’ (which can take up to two minutes and still fail) and it often reports “DHCP fails”.

I’m sorry, especially for redundant questions. There are many similar questions and tutorials, but I can’t fix it.
I’m no expert at all, just trying my best to get it all to work.

i’'m no expert either, but the solution for “keeping the same IP adress” even when you do reconnect, is by using the “stauc ip adress mechanism”

you can either configure your router or Box (probably administration interface on and indicate that volumio should always keep the same adress
or if my memory is good (not volumio with me tonight), you can indicate on the “network” settings of the volumio UI parameters, to use the static ip address, by desactivating “automatic adress” in this section.

sorry for not being more precise, but i can tell you it works perectly, i allways use the same ip adress for months…


Disabling the automatic IP does help a bit, thanks for the quick answer.