Volumio.local issues

So Volumio 2 is mostly working great for me. But, Volumio.local hasn’t been successful on a variety of machines and OSes.

But, the other day, I found a forum post that said to try volumio.local:3000. That worked, although it didn’t this evening. I don’t know enough to know what to google to find out what that does or why it works. Can someone point me in the right direction?


Could it be a DNS problem? What happens if you try to access Volumio with its local IP address rather than the name?

Works fine with the IP. That’s how I’ve been using it so far, so as long as I know it’s IP, it’s good to go.

What’s the :3000 mean? What’s it supposed to do?

3000 is the port number. If you omit port number I think it defaults to 80.

It could be that you have DNS issues.

“Port number” - thanks! I found lots to read.

Follow up.

Accessing the UI through my wifi laptop. (Linux with chrome browser) volumio.local:3000 works.
Using Android phone, IP address works. Used MAC address to fix IP through router.
iPhone: volumio.local works
CAT5e windows 7 machine - Volumio.local takes me to a page my ISP uses when I try to use a bogus address. Volumio.local:3000 takes me to the volumio page, but then I get the spinning loading circle.

volumio.local uses a protocol which is only available in linux and mac. On windows it works only if you installed itunes (or bonjour), while on android it does not work

Oh yes! I bet that’s it. I did install it (Bonjour), but when I went to check on it, it says there was an error installing. I don’t think I want to bog this machine down with full iTunes. Maybe I’ll stick to Linux or Mac for playing music.

Everything else seems great. I am getting that stutter when I stop a web radio, but the people at Allo already said told me they’ve put another Kali in the mail for me. What a great little system this is!