Volumio latest version missing web radio/

I noticed the latest volumio image is missing the ability to browse Web Radio as I had in Volumio2. Since most of what I do with Volumio is play either internet radio or my paid JazzRadio.com channels, this new version is somewhat useless to me. Given that I got access to 100s of web radio stations in Volumio2 with no additional plug-ins, and was able to simply add the links to my JazzRadio channels as URLs in the Web Radio → MyWebRadio section, I have to ask, what does Volumio3 offer with the free tier? AFAIK, all I can do with it at the Free tier is browse my own music stored on NAS drive. Maybe it’s that I need a specific plug-in to do what I was doing out-of-box previously?
In the meantime, I’ve reverted back to my older Volumio 2 running on an older RPI 3.

Web radio is in the free version.

Here is the main page from my Volumio 2 instance which has links to Web Radio as well as local libraries. The only plugin I have is the one for the touch screen:

Now, here is the main page of my Volumio 3 instance. When I similarly click on the 3 line/hamburger icon in the top left, I get this:

Under sources, it only allows me to browse local NAS storage. Where do I go to browse WebRadio or to add my own channels for services I already subscribe to that previously worked with Volumio 2? I went through the set up wizard. It was pushing me to start a free trial. I created the necessary account so I could install plug-ins. The only plug-in loaded is the touch screen plugin.

Oh wait, found it. Not in the same place as the other. In case anyone else is looking, the web radio as well as all the other icons are found here in the bottom right:

Not as intuitive if you’re not used to looking for it.