Volumio keeps stopping playback playing from Qobuz or Tidal integration

I’m having this very annoying problem. When I stream music through Qobuz and Tidal integration the player stops after 1 or 2 songs. It keeps frozen and even though I click on play or any other function it won’t respond and after a while, then it starts playing again all by itself. It happens every time I use Qobuz or Tidal integration. I’m using the Allo Digione signature on RPI4 (I2s). It doesn’t do it when I play local files, internet radio etc. If I use Volumio as a Roon Bridge it plays and functions fine. A friend of mine is having the exact same problem with RPI4 Hifiberry Digi Pro HAT (Also I2s) but another friend of mine is using the Allo USbridge Signature and he got no problems. All of us are on the latest version. (no updates available). The bottom line is I’m paying for functions that I can not use due to software issues. Please advice.

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This is an issue we are hunting down and I hope we are close to finding a solution for it.

From what we see it appears that there is a bug triggered by http2 transfers with some Internet services providers. I am sorry if you are having this problem but we are working hard to fix it.

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Thank you so much for your quick response. Another problem is under qobuz tracks whenever I click on a track it starts playing the 3rd song down. It’s also another bug I guess…

Are you playing a playlist or album when that happens?