Volumio is not started.

Several times it happened to me that Volumio does not start, I connect it and I do not see it on the network, neither wired nor wifi.
The only solution in my hands is to burn the SD again.
Is there a way from Windows to see what’s happening in SD? it occurs to me that some file is damaged but I do not know how to locate it.
Any ideas?

I can’t get it to work at all with my Raspberry Pi…

Ever tried PICorePlayer and LMS?.. Flawless.

The two most common cases of failure on first boot are:

  • Turning off the PI on first boot, if you do this, then the pi won’t start properly the next time. So first time you turn it on, leave it alone for at least 7 minutes
  • The first boot is an intensive task and requires higher power than normal use. Verify your power supply (must be at least 2A and provide 5V under load). If insufficient this might result in SD Card corruption