Volumio is not finding all playlists

I have Volumio 1.2 installed on Raspberry Pi and have mounted my audio folder from the network. For the most part, things are working well, but I am having trouble with my existing playlists.

All of my playlists are simple M3U files with each track listed by its file path only. I have tried several options to make my playlists work cross-platform, but for the time being I have settled on keeping my playlists at the same level as my audio and using relative paths (I’d prefer they be in their own folder, but relative paths seem to be the only way to avoid keeping both a windows and linux version of each playlist).

My folder structure:


Now, the playlists inside the Album folders work just fine, as do the playlist at the top level. However, the problem I am having is that not all of my playlist are showing up at the top level. I currently have four playlists in the Audio folder and only two of them are discovered by Volumio. Those happen to be the smallest of the four (7KB/98 lines and 1KB/38 lines) while the larger playlists (44KB/593 lines and 25KB/336 lines) are missing.

At first, I thought that there might be a limitation on playlist size, so I did a test and created a new folder under Audio at the same level as Music and put my playlists in there. I updated the database and there I found all four of my playlists. Anyway, I’m at a loss, so I’m asking the community for help.

Any ideas why Volumio would miss my playlists when they are saved in the base Audio folder? If I have to save my playlists in a Playlist folder (where they seemingly do get discovered), is there a way that I can use specific file paths instead of NAS/‘Mount Name’/?

I’m not sure if the lack of response is because no one has a solution or the wall of text was too much to read, so let me summarize:

1 - I mounted a NAS folder, inside of which are playlists and a sub folder containing my audio. For some reason Volumio only finds 2 or the 4 playlists. If I copy the unfound playlists to a sub folder, then Volumio does find them. Any ideas why this might happen?

2 - If I go the route of placing my playlists in a sub folder, can I configure Volumio to read the full audio path? Currently Volumio will only play a playlist that uses relative paths.