Volumio is Kaput !

So i have been using my RPI with a Hifiberry Board on , playing tidal through this via a mac mini is sounding great. Well it was until this morning when it didnt want to play anymore. I got a Failed to open "alsa " device hw:1,0 : No such file or directory.
I have tried , removing the dac board, no error when trying to play radio and i get audio from the rpi headphone socket. I then tried playing the RPI from the Mac using hdmi and that was fine, Lastly i removed the SDcard and read the config.txt file , looking for errors but all i got was hieroglyphics. I assumed the card had been corrupted and re formatted and re loaded the image file , but to no avail , same error !
I also have another card with moode on and that gives the same error, i am wondering if the Dac board has died !
Any help or suggestions gratefully received .



For better help you need to provide precisely what raspberry board and what hifiberry version. First of all you need to check 3.3v power for DAC chip itself. It is made from 5v using stabilizer chip on most hifiberrys numbered U2. If it is standard raspberry with 40 pin expansion you need to check I2C interface pin connections (pins 3 and 5 in connector). For standard HiFiBerry DAC or HiFiBerry DAC+ (not PRO) I2S interface pins only provide audio data to DAC and raspberry has no way to sense if they are connected.

thanks Charly , my Pi is a RPI 3 model B and i have a Hifiberry Dac plus pro. I have checked the voltage and i am getting 5 v in , and 3.3 V between pins 3 & 5. I tried the september build i originally downloaded and then updated to the October version and it was the same ! It seems odd to me that it is saying there are files or directory missing , i also tried a factory reset but that also made no difference .

With PRO version of DAC checking is more complicated - it is !2S master mode DAC, it generates bit clock and Left/Right clock for RPi. RPi sends data out according these clocks. It will be hard to diagnose it without good oscilloscope. Voltage on I2s pins 5 and 3 to Ground (pin 39) should be around 3.3v. Voltage on DAC chip (PCM5122) pins 1,8,28 to ground should be 3,3v. If all this is OK, simplest method to check would be plug it in other RPi to test. For test even old RPi 1B+ will be OK - Volumio2 works on them but is to slow for convenient use. DAC chip itself is not very expensive - it costs around 6euro from Farnell, so if you have some soldering skills you can replace it.