Volumio Integro: Analog Input Question


Is the analog input of Volumio Integro integrated in Volumio Software as if it was a file playable from HDD library.
More specifically, if I connect an Analog Source on this, will it be processed by the plugins (FusionDsp, PeppyMeter, and so on)?

Another question, where can one test this equipment in Portugal?

Paulo Nunes

the analog input on Integro is connected directly to the class-d amplifiers and headphone amplifier.

because it’s not passing into the Volumio system at all, it’s not possible to use DSP and peppymeter on this input

the reason why it was decided to implement this architecture is latency, the goal was to achieve the lowest possible value

Thanks for your quick answer. If possible, in future implementations, make two analog inputs or one but switchable between pass / not pass through Volumio system.
The reason I needed that was to use FusionDSP for roomcorrection in analog inputs also.