Volumio install on PC. Managing Internal Storage. Size control

I recently installed the latest version of Volumio on a PC. Clean installation, the PC is dedicated to Volumio only. Connected to the network via a fast Wi-Fi connection. Volumio was installed on a 250GB internal SSD drive. Installed easily via USB stick. It works great. It is connected to the network and I can manage it from any device. The “Internal Storage” icon allows you to transfer music files from another PS, which was the main goal for this install. The files have uploaded with no problems, and Volumio updates them with no problems either. Question! How much space does Volumio allocate to internal storage? The OS itself is small, but how does Volumio manage the remaining space on the SSD? In my case it about 200GB at last. Is this free space to be fully utilized for internal storage or does Volumio create a fixed partition size for internal storage? I don’t see anywhere that I can control or see the size of Internal Storage so I can see how much I can load files there. Could someone please clarify this? Thank you in advance!

during the first boot, all the remaining space is formatted as the partition for uploading your songs

for controlling the internal storage, enter with ssh and type

df -h


This is good information! I was really hoping that Volumio would use all the remaining free space on the SSD after installing for storage this way. Thank you very much for the reply!

you’re welcome!