Volumio inaccessible after a day

I’ve set up a volumio on a zero with a USB wifi adapter and i2s dac, and it works fine for some time. In the evening I can access the web UI, and play music, whatsoever, everything works like a charm, but in the morning I can no longer access it. Then I restart it (usually in the afternoon) (unplug-plug back in), and it works fine again… until the next morning.
Any ideas? The same hardware config worked fine with mopidy for months, without any restart.

I had this issue before and here is what fixed it for me. I set up my Volumio player (RPi) on a static IP in my router. Next instead of logging into Volumio.local I use the IP that is set under my router. It connects 99.9% of the time now.

I don’t have a solution, but can acknowledge a similar problem. I’m running a Raspberry Pi 3 with Volumio and I have to unplug it and plug it in again if I haven’t run it in a while. For me it takes longer than a day, though; it seems like if I haven’t used it in more than a week then I run into problems.