Volumio in Virtualbox

How to install Volumio in Virtualbox ?
I tried Volumio x86 img, in Virtulabox but it doesnt boot anyway I tried.
Mounting img to virtual floppy drive gives error no bootable media.
Mounting img to virtual CD/DVD is not possible
Rename img to iso and mountig it to virtual CD/DVD gives error no bootable media.
Converting img to iso gives error (I tried two kind of tools)

VirtualBox 5.1.22
Virtual machine Debian 32bit 1GBRam 8GB Dynamic Virtual Drive.
Volumio last downloadable version x86
Host system W10Pro

Thank you.

instructables.com/id/How-to- … or-Laptop/

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much simpler :wink:

Thank you dear friend.
I chose your way, Volumio is running in my Virtualbox right now. I am going to test it.
Are there known some disfunctionality of Volumio running in Virtualbox ?

PS: I am only testing before buing HW :slight_smile:

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Worked pretty well last I played with it (just for testing a few things, not very intensive use).
BTW, you may want to setup VM networking cards as Bridged rather than NATted so that some local network protocols are not filtered by VirtualBox NAT.

PC is definitely overkill to run Volumio which nicely runs natively on very cheap Raspberries like PiZero.
But VM can also make sense in order to run it out of a x86 NAS actually (assuming it has decent audio path) :astonished:
Not tried but should work…

Just tried again: converted latest 2.285 as usual (VBoxManage convertfromraw --format VDI [filename].img [filename].vdi) with VirtualBox 5.1.28, and used it with my usual VM (Debian 64 bit) and seemed to work fine (played web radio for instance).

I tried to create a Virtualbox on macos using the PC(x84/x64) image http://updates.volumio.org/x86/volumio/2.513/volumio-2.513-2018-12-07-x86.img.zip converted to VDI but the VM can’ t boot the VDI and reports this message

Do I miss something ?

here is my bash script used to create the Virtualbox : github.com/ch007m/my-volumio-de … eate-vm.sh

I created a new VDI and I was able to boot the VM of Volumio in Virtualbox. Apparently, the vdi file created was corrupted

glad to hear! :wink:

Have you had any problems in setting up sources?
I haven’t managed, can you please help.