Volumio in Car

Hello! I am writing to you on behalf of the CarAudio community.

We have a very acute issue of the source for high-end systems.
Now in many cars we have head units on Android.
But the sound of these devices leaves much to be desired.
Volumino would be a great solution if it was skillful to remember where the playback stopped, and the next time it would continue to play from that place.

Also there is an option with a deep sleep, for example on Khadas, since we already have a power supply for Khadas who can send him to sleep and wake up when the ignition is switched on.

I see Volumino as a great solution for auto, we can control it from any head unit to android, from any phone or tablet. It does not take up much space and does not consume much electricity like СarPС, and it sounds great!

We will be very happy if you support us and will soon see Volumio in many cars.

I also thought about using Volumio as CarPC. But there is a problem.
As a CarPC, Volumio would have to run on the head unit. This is not a problem as there are many useful plugins for it. Tochscreen plugin, autostart, equalizer, Bluetooth receiver.
But unfortunately that’s not enough for a real CarPC.
For a real CarPC you need much more in my opinion, like for example …

  • FM radio (necessarily)
  • DAB radio (would be nice)
  • Navigation (necessarily)
  • much more…

That actually makes it necessary that you can start external programs from Volumio, which is not possible.
For half a year now I have been working on plugin programming to do something in that direction, but unfortunately I do not have the time yet.

You write you come from a CarPC community? Or have I misunderstood that?
What is this project you are working on?

Best regards

I came from the CarAudio community, I make cars for competitions as sound quality.

Now with my feed a lot of people use Open Hour Chameleon on the android.
It does not sound bad, but the android limits in 16/48

I want to use two devices, for example Khadas Vim2.
On one device we have android, navigation, internet, radio, anything else.
And on it we have the Volumio Remote.

On the second device we have only Volumio.

As a control device can act any OEM head unit on the android, it will also be navigation and radio.
But the sound quality in these devices is terrible.
I want to supplement their Volumio and get a really good source.

All we need to do is to make Volumino remember what he’s playing when turned off, or he had a deep sleep mode in which he consumes little electricity.

I use volumio in car about 2 year.
I made a simple optron reley switch and python script to control it.
Now I can play DSD direct to Helix DSP pro usb hec module.

What are you controlling this relay?
There is no point in send a DSD on Helix, input have SRC and convert this to 24/96 PCM

I’m working on a Car system with a Odroid UX4 with Lineage 15.1 and volumio on a RPi3.

Android drives the touchscreen with usb GPS Module, usb Wifi, usb Bluetooth, usb rearcam and an adapted Launcher.

Volumio is standalone but drived by Volumio android App.

All the stuff is connected to my smartphone which share 4G.

I used some relay to :

Start the system with ignition
Cut amplifier when no sound

I used too : some 5V regulators, transfo 12V/5V, TDA 7250 (or another, don’t remember).

This system is a little bit complex but a Have the best of the two world (android, volumio).

What I’ve made :

The base of the system :
12v ignition -> Rpi on 5v, amplifier on 12v, relays, all placed under the passenger seat, connected to the 9 speakers of the car.
in the double DIN -> Odroid on 5v, USB hub (->Wifi, bluetooth, GPS, Rearcam, soundcard), USB+hdmi touchscreen.
The second part is not mounted, just tested at home.

What are the problems today :
Wifi drivers on Odroid -> bought other wifi module with other chip
Volumio radio interface not adapted to driving (no Thumb view)

In the future :
Install USB FM tuner ?
Handless call by bluetooth

Autoplay last track and time for volumio in car.
Скрипт на python3 для автоматического запуска с последнего трека и времени при выключении Volumio.
Понадобится установить pip3 и библиотеку request
Скрипт писался под Asus Tinker Gpio.
И так логика работы.
При включении считывается номер трека и его время при Выключении.
После пропадания 1 на Гпио включается пауза и записываются данные о треке в файл.
Если за время (пока чуть больше 100 сек - можно изменить легко) на Гпио появится 1 то продолжится воспроизведение, если не появится на Гпио 1 - то система выключится.

dropbox.com/sh/s9g1wesrtn9p … _g4ha?dl=0
Сам скрипт.
В папке со скриптом создайте файл от своего юзера с именем track.number
С таким содержанием

Не пинайте если что за код он не такой красивый но работает.

Add file for khadas vim2 to dropbox and add instruction.

Please guys remain polite to the rest of our community and write in english!