Volumio in a hifi radio case

Hi colleagues,

I present my Volumio project.

I used a broken radio module. I found it in a second hand market for some euro:

I emptied it and used the case and some components (main switch and main power cable).

The components are:

  1. Raspberry Pi B+ with Hifiberry DAC+ (connected to network via cable). Installed Volumio 2.
  2. Wifi hard disc 1TB as NAS (is connected to network via cable). I can access to it from other devices, it is always on. I also added a “home” enlarger to switch on/off the disk from the main panel.
  3. Power supply 5V 3A
  4. A 16x2 LCD is connected to raspberry via USB
  5. Main switch of power supply
  6. RJ45 extension panel cable for the HD
  7. Taking advantage of the original radio switch, I use it to connect or disconect the Raspberry. I added a led light in front panel to check if it is On.
  8. RCA for the connection with amplifier

This is the final aspect of my project:

I hope you like it!!

Hi fotoflipao,

Great project, chapeau :smiley:

Did you also wish to use the original “station keys” of the tuner to switch your playlists / web radio stations ?

This has been possible in May 2018 up to Volumio version 2.389

Just try out - the problem in all following versions shows up as follows:
If you create a playlist containing 1 radio station and run the playlist the queue shows up “undefined” instead of the Radio Station Name.
Since that also the station buttons don’t work any longer.
It already has been reported on the forum but none took care or found a solution until now.

@devs: could you please take a look at this ?

Best Regards

Thanks for your suggestion @Josh2000 , could be interesting. But I’m afraid my electronic and programming knowledges aren’t enough to implement this…

I’m glad you like it!

apropo Denon
I used a tapedeck case from denon :wink:

Nice project!

nice build and nice project. thumbs up. something similar to that is also in my planning.

Hi dear! How are you?
I’m really excited with your project…is similar with my own!

I made the same, but with:

Can you give me info about the 16x2 LCD USB?
How you install it?

I have a i2s 16x2, but the GPIO ports are used by the DAC.
Please help mee!! :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot.
IMG_20200416_154257 (1).jpg

Nice project too!!

I had some problems to install it, perhaps this post could help you:


My 16x2 LCD is serial backpack, with four pins : +5v, GND, and two I2C, both used by the DAC.
Your LCD is just “usb”? Where can i buy that?

Thanks aaaaaaa lot my dear! :slight_smile:

Yes, it is USB. It is not so cheap, but I bougt it to easy installation:

es.aliexpress.com/item/32821336 … 63c0l8ng6n

Thanks a lot my dear!
Now i’m going to buy it (Is the 3rd LCD that i’m buying for this Volumio…ja)

I’ll be updating this install here: volumio2-technics-player-t14516.html

Regards a lot!