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Hi eeryone, just starting to look at the hifiberry dac and Volumio software. All looks great, simple with what everyone says is fantastic sound! I have a spare pi sitting around, its already set up with the touch screen. If i download and load the Volumio image to the sd card I’ll loose all my touch screen setup, won’t I?

Can i just download the Volumio program and install it like a windows program?

Appreciate your thoughts, I’m sure there will be many more questions to come!

Cheers Dave

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If you install the image on the sd card of the raspberry pi it will only have the files of the image. So after that you will need to configure your touchscreen again.

Not really sure how will setup your touchscreen, only way i see it possible is by installing the touchscreen drivers and a browser. The browser should be able to display the interface of Volumio.

Not sure to what you are referring to but Volumio is no windows program.

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Volumio isn’t an application its a complete distribution, volumio doesn’t have a Gui and is a headless system. You control it remotely with a browser or phone.
If you want to use the touchscreen to control volumio you would be required to install x11 and everything required for that (the gui) and you will need to add the touchscreen drivers.
This requires quite some effort and time before anyone would have it in a working order.