Volumio image for BBB with Miero's Kernel (BOTIC)

Thanks to Miero, we now have a test build of Volumio2 for BeagleBone Black:

Feedbacks are greatly appreciated:
updates.volumio.org/bbb/volumio/ … bb.img.zip

Please use updated image for BBB: updates.volumio.org/bbb/volumio/ … bb.img.zip

Works great!
One issue I noticed: connected USB (self-powered Hard drive) and its not recognized\mounted (EXFAT)

do we have the exfat module in the kernel?

IMHO exfat is not kernel module, but a library for fuse. At least in the standard kernel.
The fuse is supported in that kernel. I’ve successfully created and mounted exfat filesystem on my Debian based image.

Are exfat-fuse and exfat-utils installed on the Volumio?

Will this image work on another I2S DAC besides Botic?

Booted my BBB from microsd with updated image and runs beautifully :smiley: (Thank you miero and michelangelo)
Had same issue, tried to connect USB drive via powered USB hub but not recognized/mounted.

Have so far connected it to 2 USB DAC’s and both worked perfectly (ifi micro IDAC2 and Yamaha A-U671). Will have an I2S DAC I can try it with sometime today hopefully.

Happy to help with testing if/as needed

Same problem here, can enable i2S on Beaglebone Green on Volumio 2, please help

Do you have any information about new Volumio image for Beaglebone Black?