Volumio + HiFiBerry + 16*2 LCD + Next Button

Hi Guys. Here is my Volumio project.

Its v2 Pi with Volumio 1.2, HifiBerry DAC, Andy Pi’s python LCD http://andypi.co.uk/?p=334, andy’s code to run the LCD from the MPD and a button connected to the GPIO pins to skip to the next track if I get bored. I might improve the button and maybe the case - but its sounds great for now. Check out my blog for a bit more information - http://www.iknowthe.net/blog/

How do you replay the music ?
Via DAC or aux ?
Do you have any influence on the audio signal from the display ?

Playback via the hifiberry DAC http://www.hifiberry.com/dac Once this is installed for best audio the volume is disabled in volumio so this goes to an amp where I control the volume.

How is the internal connection. Is there a GPIO y-Adapter so i can connect hifiberry and the lcd display?

Thx, Tatoosh

I would be highly interested to see also your connection as I plan to do almost the same set-up.