Volumio & HerbstluftWM or how to split screen

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 2.861
Hardware: Raspberry Pi 4
DAC: Hifiberry Amp2


I just want to know how to work with herbstluftwm. As the tutorial said I added a .xsession file in home but with no effect.

Any help or howtos available?

I presume by “herbstluftwm” you mean https://herbstluftwm.org/.

VolumioOS is a distro in it’s own rights, and cannot simply be deployed on top of other distros. You refer to a tutorial but don’t reference it, and I have left my crystal ball elsewhere …

I’m sorry but you are right, I used the tutorial on Tutorial - herbstluftwm

Ok zebu, thank you for the link. My comment still stands though that VolumioOS cannot be installed onto another Linux system.

I thought Herbstluft is set onto a OS. It uses X sessions so I thought it should work somehow

There is no graphics X-system present in VolumioOS for RPi.