Volumio hangs on "Connecting"

The user interface keeps going back to hang on the connecting screen with the revolving arrows.
What causes this? It is the same on my android phone and my computer connected via LAN.
Rpi2 on wired LAN
hifiberry dac+
Volumio 1.5.5
Synology NAS with music folder indexed, DLNA activated
DLNS activated on volumio, but no connection to NAS
Spotify account activated

PLease help me!

Hi norpi,

I exactly got the same issue, also with a fresh installed volumio from the recent image download.
It doesn’t matter if I use another SD-card and it also doesn’t matter if the Volumio raspberry pi is connected via wlan or ethernet.

When connected to the web interface with an arbitrary device within my network, the interface shows the “Connecting…” screen after 3 to 20 seconds.

Maybe there are other users with the same issue?


Hi nett flanders
I found a solution: switch to the music Box distro. It is fantastic. No hiccups, supports my dac, spotify, spotify advanced search with artist and album listing. Give it a try!

Hi norpi,

thank you for your recommendation. I will definetly take a look at musicboxpi.
Obviously I also want to fix the issue because I really like volumio.

One information I can add regadring the issue:
When remaining on Playback site, the Connecting overlay disappears when the next song in Playlist begins. After a few seconds without doing anything the Connecting overlay comes back, and so on…

Maybe one of the developers got any idea?

Best regards,

I have the same problem.

My configuration: Volumio1.55 running on a Raspberry Pi B+/HiFiBerry DAC+

My music library is stored on a Windows 7 box on my network running Windows Media Server (WMS) to handle the DLNA.

I flash the RPiB+ memory card with Volumio system and configure the network. Volumio then shows up in the WMS’s on the Windows box – all of them on the network in fact – as a media device with the “Play to” option. I can stream music to it from my Windows boxes on my network. The sound is great and all is well. Looks like UpMpd and the hardware as well my network configuration all works fine.

But when I tell Volumio about the location of my music library using the Library page of its webGUI the “Connecting” message with the two tail-chasing arrows grays out the Volumio Library setup page, and nothing works from that point on.

The “Play to” option on WMS on every windows box disappears, too. It’s like the UpMpd server is disabled.

After that I can only reflash and reconfigure to do anything. It’s very frustrating.

After weeks of playing with this off and on, I’m no longer sure what I might hope to do with Volumio. All the enthusiasm on the Volumio Get Started page here https://volumio.org/get-started now rings hollow.

I thought I’d be able to go to the Volumio webGUI and play tunes and playlists from the server. I thought I’d be able to do that from any any browser-equipped computer or smartphone on the network.

In other words, I was hoping that Volumio would act as a DLNA Digital Media (DM) Player to pull content from DLNA DM Servers on my network and play it, not just as a DM Renderer – like UpMpd – to receive content from other DM Players. (Definitions here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_Living_Network_Alliance.)

At this point that’s just not happening.

I have elevated my post to a bug report “Volumio 1.55 Hangs on Connecting…,” since there has been no response to this request for help. It is specialized to my configuration and my W7 library, but perhaps the solution will be more general.

Hello Iceguy,

thank you for your response.
As my problem is very similar to yours, I will observe your bug report thread (https://volumio.org/forum/volumio-hangs-connecting-windows-library-t2909.html#p12978).

Best regards

I’m experiencing the same issues, Connection via MAcBook is very stable, but when I access the WebGUI on my iPad or android tablet it is not useable due to the Connecting…-messages appearing within a few seconds.

Other apps like MPDroid do a fine job and do not have this problem, but they don’t have the option of using Spotify-playback.

So I’m very curious to any developments regarding this issue.

As said, connection is still available, the player remains connected to the network. The only ‘connection’ that seems to be troublesome is WebGui<->Pi.

My setup: RPi B+ with Hifiberry Dac+. Volumio 1.55. Connected to Synology NAS on which my music files are stored.

theres a solution posted here. :smiley:

thanks a lot for mentioning this!