Volumio hanging repeatedly on Allo Sparky USBridge

Hi All,
After running flawlessly for some time I now find Volumio hanging (spinning dots) repeatedly. To the point where it is getting unusable. It may recover after some minutes or else I give up and power cycle the Allo Sparky USBridge it runs on. Once I have shutdown and restarted - problem returns.
I have tried logging in using iPhone, iPad and PC with both Chrome and Safari and no difference.
I am running Version 2.861. I have checked for updates - non required. I am not running any plugins or other 3rd party extras except System Info 0.1.4. (I am going to try running with it inactive to ensure it is not the problem.)
I use the Sparky with the WiFi dongle supplied by Allo - no network cable to the lounge for a wired connection. I have always had this network configuration.
Any advice would really be appreciated. I have given up on the USBridge and am playing from Quodlibet on my PC.

this is the last version of sparky :

Thanks DVO,
Appreciate your comments and I’ll consider your download idea. Can I ask what streamer you have for the Pi4?

i had allo sparky usbrige now it’s a pi-hole switched over to pi 4 4gb- buster with as dac dragonfly’s

You didn’t go with the new Allo Signature based on a Pi after having the USBridge?

i went a other way…

Sure, Thanks for the info on the update.
Take Care.

Hi All,
Just thought I’d update my own Q as I think I found the issue and maybe it will help others:
To review. Whilst playback of files on my NAS was ok the Volumio Web UI was continually freezing (spinning dots) rendering my Allo USBridge unusable.
After checking my Allo Sparky when connected on ethernet I realised that the freezing issues may be with the WiFi connection. I checked the Allo supplied dongle - all OK. Then I checked the network using the utility on the router. I realised there were now several WiFi neighbouring networks all on the same channel as mine. I changed the channel selection from Automatic to a manual channel with no network on it. Problem solved! I now have a reliable web UI on any device I am using to access the Allo USBridge.