Volumio GUI on Pi 3 doesnt start

Boots into command line. I can login as root. How do I start the GUI?

Volumio is designed for headless system. There is no Ui directly on device. You have to access it from a other device such as a smartphone, a computer using a web browser. From a PC on the same network just enter volumio.local


And if the P3 is like my Odroid C2 you need hardwired connection for the P3 until you configure the wi-fi (if you intend to use one).

Hi, the intention is to boot a wifi setup initially as an AP, so you can connect to the devices network and configure without the need for a fixed ethernet connection.

Agree that was the intention but the first run I couldn’t get wifi going until I booted with an ethernet connection, got onto Volumio.local and then set up the wifi connection. May have done something wrong but that’s what it took on my Odroid C2.