Volumio gone ...?

Hello, after almost 2 years it starts with this message, no boot. There were no installations, no changes, just normal perfect work with brilliant sound.

It needed much effort to tune display, vu meter, all stations and all is gone now :cry:

Is there some way how to fix it ?


next time create a backup… it seems that your sd card got bad blocks…

Not only seems, it’s broken. Take a new SD and flash it with the latest image. Don’t reuse this one.

Thanks for answers. Yes, looks like it is broken, it wont be also readable in card reader, right ? I cannot do some clone now.


I would not advice to clone this one. You will also clone errors and end up with an unstable system.
Do a fresh install on a new SD and you can create a backup after installation with win32diskimager.
Try to get a small class 10 SD, so you don’t end up with a huge backup file.

Thank you Wheaten, I have another card, even with version 3, but after starting to play music it does very loud boom from speakers and I am afraid to use it, maybe you have an idea how to fix it, if possible, does it also for you ?


No, loud booms are not suppose to happen. I have 8 devices and none of them do “Boom”.
Please post a log when this is happening, something is wrong but hard to guess.
And mention your used hardware:

Many thanks, I will try
I have raspi 4 + I-Sabre ES9038Q2M

No such problems with version 2, only 3