Volumio free vs MyVolumio - sound quality differences?

I have a miniDSP SHD Studio streamer. I use Volumio, the free version, with Qobuz, which is integrated into it. After reading the Volumio website pages, I am just not clear if the MyVolumio paid for version offers any sound quality advantages over the basic one (does the basic version also give you “Native TIDAL and Qobuz Integration” or not ?).
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As far as I know…Tidal & Qobuz integrated needs a subscription.

I have a Qobuz subscription, and it is integrated pretty well in the version of Volumio I use. I wonder if the miniDSP SHD Studio streamer comes with an integrated MyVolumio version, as I am not paying a Volumio subscription. I have asked miniDSP my original question and am awaiting their reply as well.

As far as I know, Volumio has not created any sort of governor on the sound quality to try and drive paid subscriptions.

That is my understanding as well

Thank you guys. MiniDSP cleared it up in the end. When you buy a miniDSP streamer you get a Volumio subscription that integrates Qobuz for free, with full resolution benefits.