Volumio example plugin creates errors and freezes

i tried to create a new plugin by following steps:

  • fresh volumio install on a pi zero w
  • forked example to my github account
  • did a volumio plugin init (twice)
  • activeted the plugin

Now my volumio is showing errors from new plugin and freezes.
Should i post logs / debug file?


Please do post logs! :slight_smile:

Hi ashthespy,

here are the logs:

I had to set the “new” plugin st7789 under /data/configuration/plugins.json to false and stopped to reach volumio.local/dev for creating the logs.

I am looking forward hearing from you.


From your logs, I believe you have also added some code to the your plugin? Or is this the plain vanilla Volumio plugin (with no modifications) that is crashing?

May 17 17:16:28 volumio systemd-journal[148]: Suppressed 7983 messages from /system.slice/volumio.service
May 17 17:16:28 volumio volumio[927]: info: CoreStateMachine::syncState
May 17 17:16:28 volumio volumio[927]: info: CoreStateMachine::pushState
May 17 17:16:28 volumio volumio[927]: info: CoreStateMachine::getState
May 17 17:16:28 volumio volumio[927]: info: CorePlayQueue::getTrack 0
May 17 17:16:28 volumio volumio[927]: info: CoreCommandRouter::volumioPushState
May 17 17:16:28 volumio volumio[927]: info: CoreCommandRouter::executeOnPlugin: volumiodiscovery , saveDeviceInfo
May 17 17:16:28 volumio volumio[927]: info: [1589735788295] st7789::pushState
May 17 17:18:38 volumio systemd-journal[148]: Suppressed 8999 messages from /system.slice/volumio.service

From those entries, I imagine your running pushState in some loop?

Hi ashthespy,

i didnt add any code so far, i just did the volumio plugin init and the steps i wrote in the first post.
Its the plain plugin that causes crashes.


Hmm. then what is this st7789 plugin that is generating all these pushState events? Could you share the actual plugin that was created?

Hi ashthespy,

‘st7789’ is the name of the new plugin. The name for the new plugin was asked by executing ‘volumio plugin init’.
Attached you wil find a zip file of the plugin (source was /data/plugin/user_interface/st7789).
st7789.zip (261 KB)

Complement to my first post:

  • i restored backup datas of earlier installation of volumio, where i also tested to get a new example plugin running (also errors and freezes on the earlier install - did i port the error via restore?)


Hi again,
I had a look at the example plugin, it is indeed the standard example plugin. I am not sure what is happening here, sorry!
I reckon (not checked) that the pushState function is being called repeatedly for some reason, and this is overloading your Pi0.