Volumio erasing my SSD

Hi there,

I’m using a raspberry PI3B with the latest version of volumio.

I have an SSD plugged in my raspberry with Mp3s, Flac, and SACD (dsd)

When done listening music, I shutdown volumio with the menu, my raspberry seems to be still on. So I unplugged it.

It’s been 4 times already that randomely my SSD is completly erased, not even formated “unallocated space” and I have to drop all my music again. I do not understand what is going on.

Should I let the PI turned on? If yes how do you turn back on volumio ? Should I just let everything on ?

Would it be better to use the disk via a network share, seems like USB is very unstable.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I think that this might be a power issue. PI does not have enough power to power your SSD and this low voltage might damage it. I recommend using this SSD via a powered USB hub.

Let us know how it goes

I can’t really use a external power on my M2 case.

But I tried to share a network drive, and it’s really smooth this way, really less buggy than a USB drive connected, I thought this would be easier with USB but I’m going to use the share now, I was worried about the DSD files but it’s playing without any issue.

Thanks for the help tho :slight_smile:

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