Volumio DSD/DSF/DFF/SACD-ISO files not showing in the media list

My RPi 2B is hooked to a HiFiBerry DAC, then to the Amp and so on.
The RPi is streaming media over wifi from a USB drive on the Router. It’s all good playing flacs, but when it comes to SACD-ISO, DSD, DSF or DFF files, they are just not shown in the media list.

I can see many of you are able to play those files, so obviously they are shown on their media list. What am I missing here? Does it have anything to do with over the network streaming?

Any helps are much appreciated.

One year after, I have the same issue!
Any answer?

One more year later and I have the issue on RaspberryPi 4 with latest volumio (system version 3.396).
Can it be something done on Volumio side or it’s needed to convert to different format ?

ISO files are probably not supported. I don’t have any to ISO anyway. DSF files play fine - DSD64-128-256 - no problem. To save space I have converted DSF to WavPack. Try to take a look into Volumio log.