Volumio download to PC (win) impossible

I have tried, with several different browsers, to download the program for the PC. Everytime i open the zip file i get this notice: the disk image file is corrupted.

What am i doing wrong?


I’m getting the same issue.

Not entirely sure why it’s a .img file rather than a .exe installer too?

Volumio is not a application to be installed in Windows. It is a standalone OS. So .IMG is a an image to be written the device to boot (usb key, SD card).

In case you want in on a PC, you still need to “burn” the “.img” file to a USB stick or drive. It is a complete system where you are supposed to boot from.
As @balbuze wrote, it is not an application.

But I’m not sure if this is what the OP meant.
While he unpacks the zip file, he get’s an error, complaining the file is corrupt.
@hml5700: which version did you download, from where?

Oh OK. I was thinking it was an alternative to JRiver or MusicBee for example. I use my PC as a hub for everything and don’t reall want a ‘standalone music player’ so it doesn’t sound like Volumio does what I’m looking for and it wasn’t clear from the info/downloads page that it’s its own OS (I did think it was a chunky download at the time!).

Thanks for the info. :slight_smile: Will revisit if my plans/setup change in future.