Volumio don't update my database

Hi everybody,

First of all, sorry for my poor english, not my native langage.

So here’s my problem. I’ve been using volumio for 2 years or so and everything was running great !

Few days ago i had to change my hdd from my nas due to a low storage room. Originally i was using my NAS with JBOD but now that i bought larger hdd i use a RAID like, SHR from synology.

I update the new path to my music folder in volumio, the drive is mounted and the checker on the right of the screen is green… but when i click on the button “update” or “rescan”, i get the message “recreating the database” and nothing is happening…

i thougt it was a glitch in volumio or in my rapsberry pi so i try a new install of volumio on the pi…

same result…

In my DSM, all the local ip adress have all the NFS permission to write and read the folder and the see the sub folder.

I dont know how to fix this.

Thanks a lot for your assistance.

I had the same problem, then I remember I had changed Volumio password. Configured back to default password, database update function again.