Volumio dont see internal HDD

Hej, i have a x86 PC with Windows 10, no experiance with linux…
I´m starting Volumio from USB, works fine, i can play music from all usb devices.
The problem is that i have 2 HDD with music but Volumio dont see them, How can I make them visible / use them?
Any suggestion?

You can mount the drives to a directory in /mnt. I think that mpd keeps track of this in ‘/var/lib/mpd/music’ (I think, but haven’t checked :wink: ).

chsims1 is correct. Any drives mounted in the /mnt folder will be accessible from the ‘/var/lib/mpd/music’ folder ( symbolic links are put there). Anything in that folder will be scanned for music. So you need to get the drives mounted and accessible from the /mnt folder and Volumio will take care of everything else.

Thanks liberator, but how can i do this, I have no experience with Linux/Volumio?


I think that you need to do some reading up here :wink: Firstly, you need to mount your drives in ‘fstab’ (be very careful what you change in this file; settings will depend on your drives and your system), and then you need to create a ‘symbolic link’ (more reading) in ‘/var/lib/mpd/music’ to your mounted drives.

I apologise if this sounds complex, but what you are attempting to do is outside the standard operation of volumio, and you are effectively “hacking” the system to fit your needs. What you could do is propose it as a future feature?

Yes I think this will be a cool feature, we will add it in next releases.

Hej Chsims1 and Michelangelo,

Thanks for your help,
It’s definitely a cool new feature, I wait until it is available!
Would be handy that you can select on which directory is the music. d:\xxxx\music
Would be nice if more Internet radio stations are available, but maybe I’m asking too much now…