Volumio Doesn't start

Hi. I have a Volumio/Raspberry Pi setup running at home, and have really enjoyed it. So I decided to build a new rig for work. I ordered the Kali + Piano 2.1 bundle from the Volumio page, and set it up with a Raspeberry Pi 2. I have downloaded the image, flashed the SD card, and whenever I start the Pi, my system boots into the Pi desktop. I see no hint of Volumio. I’ve done this twice now, with the same result. This is my first experience with Volumio 2.2. My home system is an older version. Any thoughts on what I am doing wrong?



hm, i think there should be no desktop. only TTY on HDMI Port.
you may plug a wlan dongle and reboot.
than you should enter the volumio wlan and configure your system via web interface.
hope that helps…

What do you mean by