Volumio doesn't always boot.


Thanks for helping! What I did so far:

  • Formatted a 16gb SD card
  • Image 2.448 burned on SD with Etcher
  • Copied the SSH file to root for SSH access
  • Boot the RPi from SD
  • Ran setup wizard via Volumio WiFi access
  • Reboot and connected via usual WLAN
  • Audio via RPi jack tested and works
  • Installation touchscreen plugin
  • Reboot the RPi
  • Setup HifiBerry DAC+ audio wihin Volumio
  • Playing a radio station via browser works

So far, so good but I need some time to know if it is stable and will reboot during the day(s). I’ll keep you informed,

regards, Hans.

Hardware: RPi 3b / HifiBerry DAC+ / official Raspberry 7" touchscreen / Sandisk Ultra HC-I 16 gb / 4A switching power connected to the GPIO-pins (5.1 volt on boards)


Earlier than expected, problems… After working correct for half an hour I did a reboot and the GUI works as expected but no audio, even not after some more reboots. But when I change audio output in the setup from DAC+ to the RPi earphone jack all works fine. Hope this info is helpfull to solve the problem.

Regards, Hans.

Okay this morning updated to version 2.447, got a download error, deleted the user data and then the update went well.

for now no problems with rebooting or starting up, have tried several times.

my setup is, raspberry pi 3b / allo isolator / kali recklocker / official raspberry pi 7 inch touchscreen.
3 x 5volt 3 amp liniare power supply

It turned out the system does, as far as I can say now, boot always when set to play audio via the RPi phone jack. When set to play via HiFiBerry it sometimes boots and the GUI is shown without playing audio, sometimes it does not boot at all and the screen stays black until a next boot.

Just found two postings on the HiFiBerry pages:

Daniel about I2C: https://support.hifiberry.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/115000435525-HiFi-Berry-Amp-with-official-7-touchscreen-GPIO-conflict-

Knowledgebase about EEPROM: https://support.hifiberry.com/hc/en-us/articles/207551119-Rainbow-screen-Disable-EEPROM-usage

I can hardly judge whether this is relevant, can you Michelangelo?

After disconnecting the two I2C wires from the GPIO pins to the display the display still works but the issue persists.

oh no … cheering too soon he did not start well anymore, again turned off and then on again he started well again.

remains stuck on the screenshot below

so far had no problems with starting up.
I’m on version 2.448.

setup see my signature.

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It could well be a kernel issue.
I will build a new release with newer kernel, let’s see if that helps

Thanks, looking forward.

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