Volumio does not reconnect WIFI/LAN after connection failure

This has been in every Volumio version, now I have newest volumio version installed. Every time volumio losts connection to my local connection wlan/lan (it does not matter which) it cannot reconnect. This means I cannot connect it with terminal and reboot it -> hard reboot -> SD card corruption every few months -> PITA.

Is there any solution to this? My Kodi/OSMC have never done this and it always recovers from local connection down. One workaround could be cron script which senses internet down and reboots but this is merely a poor workaround for this problem…

Ideas? Help?

this subject is being discussed.
Waiting a more elegant solution, I wrote a small plugin that check the state of connection by pinging 2 times a server every minute and restart it if no response.
It’s not very clean, and the plugin appears as not active but it is… It works for me, wifi eth and wifi.
It use a systemd.timer, not cron. So no new package is installed.
you can test here : https://github.com/balbuze/volumio-plugins/raw/master/plugins/system_controller/wifireconnect/wifireconnect.zip
But it’s just a personal work… :wink:

Having the same problem. Thank you for creating a plugin, unfortunately I’m getting an error installing it. The UI shows the following

Downloading plugin at
Creating folder on disk
Unpacking plugin
Checking for duplicate plugin
Copying Plugin into location
Installing dependencies
The following error occurred when installing the plugin: Error

I’m a relative linux noob but I’m up to getting any log file if that would be helpful. I’m running version 2.041.


Have you by any chance changed the password from ‘volumio’ patman?

Thanks for info balbuze! Good to know that its being discussed, hope it will be fixed in future releases. I installed your plugin thank you so much for that! :sunglasses:

Thanks chsims1 - yes I did change it. I will set it back and try again when I get home tonight - too many warnings lately to not leave default passwords on devices so I try to be a little secure! And for the record just because I’m paranoid it does not mean they aren’t out to get me :laughing:

e: Yes changing the password back allowed the plugin to install, thanks!

And rightly so … hopefully a fix for this will be in the pipeline before too long (it has been mentioned elsewhere).

@balbuze great, thnaks for this little plugin. Hope this will help with my issue, that my little volumio installation sometime are not reachable anymore. Never the less as always some problems.
I installed the Version 0.0.6 looking into the system it seems to work.

volumio@volumio:/etc/systemd/system$ systemctl | grep wifi wifireconnect.timer loaded active waiting Runs wifireconnect every 5min

But on the Plugin Management Screen the it’s still inactive

Regards, Caunus

Yes I know if appears as disable… But it works ! It’s just a quick temporary workaround. Let me know if it helps in your case.

I will let you know. Normally it takes a few days until the device is not accessible anymore. I’m not an expert but I was looking before also for some scripts, but they all needed some more packages to install. Never the less, at least I saw one which write into the system log, when restarting the network using the command logger. would be nice to have something similar, just in case to check if it’s works.
Thanks again.

@balbuze so now I have this running for a few days and it doesn’t work for me. At last my Raspberry with Volumio still is not reachable after some time. Still not sure if he lost the connection to the WLAN access point or what the issue is. So the plug in might work, but not for my problem. Never the less: Thanks again for your great work,