Volumio does not list 192khz flac in library

Hi, I’m trying to playback my 192khz flac using volumio 1.51 running on a raspberry pi B+ and the hifiberry digi+

all files stored on my NAS are displayed in the library, except the Flac greater than 48khz. Even the DSD files are showing up. Any ideas?


Sorry I misread.I just checked my 192 khz files and they are showing up and playing fine. I am using version 1.55.

I just saw the same problem with some .mp3 and some .ape file : when there are stored on a NAS they even don’t appears in the list. The same file on a USB disk are k to be played. :confused: :astonished:
Volumio 1.55

Please have a look here, it could help : how-read-ape-file-t2838.html#p12488