Volumio does not connect to wifi network after configuration

I have searched, read the guides, and FAQ.

I am using raspberry pi 3.

I am able to log in to hotspot mode, and access the device. I go in to networks and select the SSID for my wifi, and enter the password. Volumio says it is resetting wifi, and logs me out. It never does connect to my router. The hotspot mode re-enables. The SSID and password are entered correctly. The wifi hardware is working in raspbian.

Any help to troubleshoot?

I was able to install runeaudio and have it readily connect to my wifi (there is frustrating bug in runeaudio that doesn’t allow you to save your network preference, but I was able to find this information in their forums).

I decide to try another image for volumio, this time version 2.185. Sure enough, this version connects to wifi network without issue.

I return to sdcard with 2.310 image, and no-wifi again. Just a cycle of reset and no successful connect. I am try to stick with 2.185 for now since it works.

If others have this same experience, this might be of help to try older version. Also, I found older version very difficult to find download of. Might want to add this somewhere in support docs.


Is your wifi channel on #12 or #13?
You probably need to set region code in CRDA: please check this