Volumio DLNA renderer not displaying on network

I’ve noticed in recent weeks that increasingly when I try and cast from my DLNA control point, my Volumio-based Raspberry Pi won’t show up on the list of DLNA renderers available on the network. Unplugging the Pi and waiting briefly for it to boot would generally clear the problem, but now rebooting doesn’t work either. The one time in recent days that rebooting worked was when I installed the latest Volumio update a couple of days ago. But last night I couldn’t access it from my DLNA control point at all.

I can still access Volumio from a browser, so I know it is running; I can even play webradio streams so I know it works. I don’t think the issue is with the control point because I can still see the Chromecast and the Logitech Boom on my network, which shows up as a DLNA renderer, and I tried another control point and it couldn’t see the Pi either.

I’m looking for advice about what to try next. Reset Volumio entirely?

For anyone who finds this in the future, I believe the problem was caused by the recent issue where networks with Android devices and Chromecasts were flooding the network. When Google Play Services updated itself on my phone, the problem seems to have solved itself.