Volumio display odroid

Hello everyone I had to redo the recording with another nic, I could not get in,
I have a small problem to solve I’m ending a music player with raspberry pi3 b +
At the screen of a 7-inch monitor, I was able to see the image
On the display but the touth does not work, I installed the plug-in display touth by volumio but it does not work I have to install some plugin in particular?r

Lo scrivo anche in italiano

Ciao a tutti ho dovuto rifare la registrazione con un altro nic,non riuscivo più ad entrare,
Ho un piccolo problema da risolvere sto terminando un Music player con raspberry pi3 b+
Allo master dac ed un display odroid da 7” touth screen , sono riuscito a vedere l’immagine
Sul display ma il touth non funziona, ho installato il plugins del display touth da volumio ma non funziona devo installare qualche plugin in particolare?

nobody can help me,
michelangelo has put it on his blog
as an alternative to the original display,
I thought it was easy to make it work