Volumio disconnects from the wifi card

Hi, after the update, Volumio disconnects from the wifi card and I lose the connection. Anyone had such a problem?

Where can I download the last version of Volumio 2?

After updating to the latest Volumio, I have a problem with breaking the wifi connection. Music plays for about 30 minutes. and no connection. The cable connection is ok.

I did the installation clean, on a new card.

Everything is fine on Volumio 2.197. Previous versions didn’t have this problem either, and I have USbridge Sig. for over two years now.

The USB card is TP-LINK TL-WN722N. Maybe a newer card I need to buy? Which of the new drivers does not require Volumio?

Check in the software what could be the reason.

Works ASUS USB-AC51 AC600.