Volumio disconnecting from Qobuz

Volumio booted on card on Mercury Streamer.
(form factor is basically a Raspberry Pi with hat).
Volumio App on my iPad.
Qobuz Account.

So…all works fine…I boot up, log on to Qobuz…play music.
…but… if I GOTO another app on my iPad and then come back to Volumio App…(music still playing)…
Volumio has disconnected from Qobuz.Most times I do not have to enter my Qobuz password again (music is still playing)…but Volumio has disengaged and drop its connection of current activity with Qobuz. I have to hit search, choose Qobuz and start from scratch again. Volumio has fail to maintain current status with Qobuz.
Hope that I am explaining this well.
Is this normal…Everytime I leave the app, I have to start over???…Volumio does not stay current with its Qobuz interaction…it disconnects and drops out.
So frustrated. Is there some setting that I am missing??”
I have HEOS on my Marantz and it stays engaged when I use other apps on my iPad and come back to it.
Any suggestions.


Davide from tech support
Thanks for reporting!

We are aware of this issue and we are working right now to a new restored iOS app.
Stay tuned
we’ll get in touch soon with news