Volumio dead project?

Is Volumio a dead project same with runaudio.

Any alternatives?

As it is not your first post, I would not think your message looks like a troll…
But Volumio is not a dead project !
A lot of reflections and work is already done for the future…
But you’ll have to wait a bit.


This was why I ask the question:
*1.55 was really quick after rasbpi2 released but then nothing.

  • Founder (michelangelo) has’t been active since February.

Don’t think it’s a troll attempt and I guess it’s him who asked the same question on the rune board. Patient’s not his strong suit but mine neither. :slight_smile:

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Volumio 2 is coming.

Is a perfectly reasonable question, and you got hopefully a great answer!

Lol I had this same question some time ago, seeing very scattered dev threads on forum and no news…
then I read about the annunce of volumio 2 and the specs and feature are MASSIVE.
I realized I missed the volumio 2 github repo, lots of work going on!

Seeing the specs at volumio.org/introducing-volumio-2/ I have the feeling that volumio 2 will stomp everything out there :mrgreen:

Great thinking and great action plan, it seems it will have the potential to solve all the old issues of volumio 1.xx and the architecture to build all the requested features.

The runeui was great at the time, but it has some issues that are pissing me, due to the way it’s coded (e.g. not really realtime/dropouts etc.
Can’t wait to see the new one in action.