Volumio Database Not Saved

Hey, I’m Running Version 1.0 on my Raspberry pi, at the moment 1.1 doesn’t work with my Hifiberry Dac.

I have a rather large collection of music on a network share and it seems to take an hour to add it to my library on Volumio. The issue is after i have finished adding files the database and shut down the pi, it doesn’t seem to save the database and the next time i want to use it i have to again update the database and add my music collection.

So my questions are

Is there a way to save the database ?
Is there a way to speed up adding music to the database ?


I made two mistakes that lead to your issue. Maybe one is the culprit:

  • There is a hardware switch on my SD card to set it to Read Only. After installing volumio, I couldn’t save any settings.
  • There’s a possiblity that the media scanner is stuck somewhere. Try editing the mpd.conf file and set Enabled=“no” in the decode section.


Hi. Try ssh to your Pi and run this command
sudo mpd --create-db

See what errors it generates and post the results here.

Same problem over here.
It takes hours (updating for 5 hours now, still not finished) to create/update db.

here the results of sudo mpd --create-db

** (mpd12051): CRITICAL **: option parsing failed: Unknown option --create-db

any clue?