Volumio cuts playback of short files before the end of file

Hello community,

my config:
(old) Raspi B M2
HifiBerry DAC Plus
32G SD
8G USB stick (keeps my WAV-Files)
Volumio 2.907
System runs stable.

my task:
by receiving requests the system should play short WAV-Files, like “hello” or “thank you”…

No I have finished my file-list and startet to play these files. First step was only to press manually the play-button, the planned requests are step 2…

Volumio cuts off these short files between 500ms-1000ms (approx.) before the file is ending.
Playing these files i.e. with VLC I can hear all of them until the end.

Any ideas?

Mny THX for helping me!!!

Best regards

Hi Andreas,
I can only guess, but I would suppose, it is related to the file. WAV files can be corrupted to stop before the end of the data.
VLC is very fault tolerant, so it might be playing the file despite a faulty content, if the data section is undamaged.
You could try to repair your file by loading it into a tolerant Audio Processor (e.g. Audacity) and save it again. Audacity should be able to embed the raw audio data into a correct WAV container again. Information about the WAV file content is also available on the Wikipedia.
Good luck!

Hi Thomas,
I saved the file after preparing it in Audacity using other name. Result: Same as before…
So i exported the file in MP3-Format and after that, it was played correctly.

Solution: Batch convert for all WAVs to MP3s, thats it!

Thanks for Your help and best regards