Volumio controller for iPAD

I don’t know if it is a bug or rather a newfeature request, but here is my problem / wish.
I drive volumio from the web interface from my PC, or from the controller app from my iphone.

I am lighly visually impaired, and I wish to drive volumio from my iPad. I have installed the volumio app to the iPad from the store, but it does not fit the iPad screen: it keeps the iPhone window size.
Would it be possible to have it fit the iPad screen ?

I thank you very much

It sounds as if you installed the iphone version rather than the ipad version as it should usually fill the ipad screen entirely.
Try to use safari and type “volumio.local” ( if you haven’t changed the name ). That way you will also get the full screen.

i have a iPad 1, and i can´t connect to Volumio.???

Please give some details. How can anyone provide a solution to your post?

I use Safari, I look for the program by IP and by Volumio.local, it finds the page but nothing appears, it remains in black. With my Iphone 7 works perfect, both the app and the web

I guess Ipad is very old, but I would like to know if there is any solution, I do not want it for anything else, so it can be done with whatever it takes …

Volumio is installed on an HP NX7400 Compaq laptop. When I installed volume on AppleTV1 Ipad 1 if it worked, by IP and by Volumio.local.
Thank you and sorry for so many post