Volumio configuration for Hifiberry Amp100

Hi everybody out there,
I’ve connected the hifiberry amp100 to the rpi 3 b+.
Volumio (V 3.569) already runs (network connection, streaming, etc.)
This is my third volumio device.
I’ve already tried configurations found here in community. (Thank you…)
But there is no sound…
I’m at my wits’ end.
Do additional settings outside the user interface have to be made?
Unfortunately, I’m not a Linux expert, but perhaps there is an easy-to-understand “instruction” for it.

I would like to get your feedback.

best regards
(seemed to be not so slick… ;-))

What are you using as a power supply?

Hi Jazzfan,
thank you for asking.
19,7V/150W notebook power supply to proove if all is working well.
When working well, it all will go into a cabinet with a MEANWELL supply 27V/150W
(rpi is/will be powered over hifiberry amp100)


Hello together,

with follwoing configuration (see screenshot) in Playback Options it works ;-))))))) !!!

(by the way it’s an Hifiberry AMP100 07/2020 V1.2)

However, I put following line, found here in community, into config.txt and userconfig.txt …

Thanks to all !

best regards


“Setup” (will move into a cabinett in future…):

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if you confirm that the Mixer name for adjusting volume is “Digital”, I will add the entry in the I2S DAC list, so no more hacking is required

Hi Darmur,

yes, I choose “Digital” for adjusting Volume (I think…)

when no more hacking is neccessary it will be great :wink:

Do you mean, that the Hifiberry AMP100 will become an option in “Playback - Hardware” ?

best regards

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the new release 3.611 has the entry for the Hifiberry AMP100 in the I2S DAC list

Hi Slick,

Just i question, how does it sound? i would like to take it.