Volumio can't see USB DAC after a long idle

This is a new install and I’ve noticed after a long idle, Volumio is unable to see the USB DAC. The only way to fix this issue is by unplugging the USB connection on Raspberry Pi then plug it back in. Has anyone seen this issue before?

I’m running Raspberry Pi 4B

Logs: http://logs.volumio.org/volumio/tDSKHle.html

Might be a power safe thingy from Schiit?

Don’t think so, I used Ropieee before and didn’t have any issue. I found this though, will give this a try.

Update: the above link doesn’t help

More like @volumio might want to look at after timestamp 19:00.
At one point volumio restarts, not sure why, some log entries before that I can’t explain.
Lots of camilla entries @balbuze might be shining a light on…

I can’t seem to find anyone with a similar issue, maybe this is a new issue?


Volumio has been working great using Roon the entire weekend and I had no issues with Volumio being unable to see the USB DAC. Then I tested the Spotify plugin, which worked as expected, and the issue returned when switching from Spotify to Roon.

Is anyone here having the same issue?

AFAIK the DAC must be switched ON first, then the RPi.

My DAC is always on and this issue only occur when switching services

Update: It looks like it’s pretty random now. I stopped Roon for about 10 minutes and the same issue occurred when I restarted the same song on Roon.

I just feel that it goes into idle on the phone quickly and it takes a while to reconnect to volumio. I have to reboot the app in order to get it to work which is very annoying. Bluesound works quicker but volumio sounds better.